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Skating Rink

Enjoy ‘ice’ skating in comfort and safety at Fit4Fun’s dedicated skating rink. Put on your skates and breeze through 96 sqm. of pristine skating surface.

Rules & regulations apply.


A super fun and intense challenge for all your friends and family. Cage Football is a great team sport to play while you try to score in the top corner!


Practice and hone your cricket batting and bowling skills within the comfort of our indoor batting cages. Beginners, intermediates and professionals can all hone their skills at Fit4Fun’s batting cages.


A fun combination of football and table tennis, this ball sport is played on a curved table. You can use any part of the body except arms and hands to hit the ball. Can be played as singles or doubles.


Combining elements of paintball and archery skills, the objective is to use non-lethal arrows to score points or eliminate opposing team members. Can be played with a minimum of 6 players (3 each team) or 8 players (4 each team).

Rules & regulations apply.


Gymnastics can be learned as a competitive sport, to improve strength and agility, or just to have lots of fun and get great exercise. Choose from 3 types:



Navigate your way around fun obstacles on a 12 hole mini golf course. Shoot accurately, the challenges gets tougher the more you progress through the course!


Some call it table tennis, others call it ping pong. No matter what you call this fun sport grab your friends and family and enjoy! Can be played singles or doubles.


One of the oldest and most widely practised martial arts, Karate is an unarmed martial arts discipline which incorporates kicking, striking and defensive blocking with arms and legs. Learn from our certified instructors through our coaching programme. Suitable for all.



A Japanese system of unarmed combat, this is an excellent self defence programme that teaches you the art of skillfully throw the opponent. It involves quick movements while maintaining great agility.



Stay fit while learning self-defence tactics! Kickboxing is a great form of cardiovascular exercise suitable for all ages.

Learn from our certified instructors through our coaching programme. Suitable for all.